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The only qualifications are Proven Results.


Nominations for membership in Best of the Bar™ are currently only extended to those attorneys without any public disciplinary history who have won the Top 100 Verdicts or Top 100 Settlements each year in each of the 50 states and nationwide. The Best of the Bar™ results verification team has reviewed the reported verdicts and settlements in these jurisdictions to identify and honor these superstar attorneys with membership in this elite organization.


The Best of the Bar™ Medal has been commissioned, designed, and minted by the makers of the Pulitzer Prize Medal, and the National Medal of Science and honors our Members’ exemplary achievement in the practice of law.


Best of the Bar™ recognizes that sometimes even the best results are achieved without fanfare and kept confidential. If you are an attorney who has achieved an impressive, confidential result and would like to apply for membership, please contact us to request an application for membership.  Upon receipt of your application, the Best of the Bar™ verification team will investigate whether your result would have resulted in a nomination in your jurisdiction if the result had been public. If your result would have qualified you for membership, we will extend you a nomination. Regrettably, if we are unable to independently verify your result to our satisfaction, we will be unable to offer you membership.  


We look forward to welcoming you to our ranks.


(This form is only for attorneys who have not already received an invitation.  If you have received an invitation, please complete and return the Invitation Acceptance Form you received.)

Thanks for submitting! An application will be sent by email to the address provided within two (2) business days.

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