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Michael Lamonsoff

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Michael Lamonsoff

The Law Offices of Michael S. Lamonsoff


32 Old Slip

New York, New York 11201


(212) 962-1020



Primary Practice Area

Personal Injury

Other Practice Areas

Construction Accident, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Premises Liability

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Michael S. Lamonsoff, known as “The Bull” to his clients, is the owner and founder of the Law Offices of Michael S. Lamonsoff, PLLC. When asked about the success and popularity of his firm he is unhesitant in saying that “its because we never stop fighting for our clients. The only acceptable result for us, is victory for them”. The firm’s “no holds barred” strategy toward litigation has resulted in its winning over 500 million dollars in verdicts and settlements for its clients. Many of them include the highest multimillion-dollar verdicts and settlements in New York history.

Notable Cases

Verdict or Settlement:


$16,000,000 verdict against the New York City Department of Education for a young girl who was sexually abused by her teacher over a two-year period.

The jury also found that the Department of Education was reckless in their supervision of the teacher.

Verdict or Settlement:


$12,157,000 to clients who were victims of a train derailment.

This was a high-profile case, appearing all over the media. Attorney Michael S. Lamonsoff obtained some of the highest awards for the incident. Pursuant to the settlement agreement, the specifics of the case must remain confidential.

Verdict or Settlement:


$11,750,000 total compensation was awarded to Fernando Bermudez, who spent 18 years in prison as a result of being wrongfully convicted for a murder he did not commit.

The $4,750,000 award paid by the State of New York is the highest in State history. The $7,000,000 award paid by the City of New York for Mr. Bermudez’s civil rights violations is one of the largest paid to date.

Verdict or Settlement:


$9,000,000 verdict against the City of New York for a pastor of a church, who was falsely arrested after being racially profiled.

Bronx jury awarded a 48-year-old Hispanic Minister a record-breaking $9,000,000.00 who was injured by police who they racially profiled. While driving to the church where he was an Assistant Pastor, he was stopped by NYPD officers, who were following him in his SUV. The officers “yanked” him out of his SUV and beat him up. He sustained injuries to his teeth and head along with psychological trauma. During the trial, the City of New York admitted to the jury that the officers misidentified the pastor for a fleeing felon. The officers testified that the only description they had of the fleeing perpetrator was a “Hispanic male in a white SUV”. The City argued that the description amounted to probable cause to arrest the pastor, who was also Hispanic and driving a white SUV. Months before trial, the City offered to settle the case for $150,000.

No Notable Cases At This Time
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